Route 377 Evening Frequency Reduction

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Dear Transport for London,

Alongside the removal of the 377's school afternoon additional service, the timetable was updated from the "28th August 2021" without any advanced public notice. The timetable change resulted the routes evening frequency reduction to "every 60 minutes".

I want to request information from the following :

1. Why wasn't there any public notices on the evenings frequency reduction? Such as noticing on the "bus changes" site that notices timetable changes for routes or major restructuring changes

2. Was there a review of the bus route itself that led to a frequency cut in the evenings? If so could I request the entire information of the review conducted such as the document of the review or general information from the review?

Yours faithfully,

Sean Cirillo

Gadawodd M Clary anodiad ()

Not true actually. It already was hourly in the evenings.

See for example

from August 2020.

Dear Transport for London,

The routes evening frequency was already every 60 minutes in evenings meaning this request is no longer needed. Apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Yours faithfully,

Sean Cirillo

FOI, Transport for London

Dear Mr Cirillo

Thank you for confirming you no longer wish to proceed with your FOI request.

Kind regards
FOI Case Management Team
Transport for London

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