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James Mckibbin made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Department for Infrastructure (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Department for Infrastructure (Northern Ireland),

Can I use sight lines that are in front of adjacent land on the the road verge and cannot be obstructed or blocked. Approved by planning NI.
Some advise an easement is required from the land owner of adjacent property and others are of the opinion no such easement is required. When land registry search is done it shows the verge and the road is owned or registered to adjacent land owner. This seems to be the way all rural site are approved although most solicitor would be reluctant to allow this type of conveyance could there be a more black and white rule for this.
Yours faithfully,
James Mckibbin

DfI Information Management Unit, Department for Infrastructure (Northern Ireland)

Dear Mr McKibbin

Is there a particular location in which you are interested, if there is,
could you let me know and I could then forward your request to the
relevant business unit who should be able to assist (although I would
think that your request is line of business rather than for recorded
information held by the Department)?

Staff in DfI Roads would also be able to explain the position whereby Land
Registry searches show that the land under rural roads may belong to
landowners, but that the road, services and verge themselves would be
owned by the Department.

If you could let me know the location that interests you, that would be a
great help.

Thank you


Hugh Murnaghan

DfI Information Management Unit


dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Dear DfI Information Management Unit,

The location is at the Ballygowan Road, Dromore, just over half a mile from the lurgan road junction on the left it’s a double infill site with a paired entrance.

Yours sincerely,

James Mckibbin

Gadawodd James Mckibbin anodiad ()

This type of issue has been causing prospective sites not being available to us and being able to be purchased by others,it would seem on some sites you just have to take a chance but as talking a chance is not for me. It limits available sites. It is quite frustrating and seems as though you could be allowed to buy and have serious consequences when you go to sell again.

Dear DfI Information Management Unit,

The site is located on the Ballygowan Road, Drmore between 250/252 Ballygowan Road to the north and 260/264 Ballygowan Road to the south. Planning no LA08/2020/0562/F We are looking confirmation that no third party easements are required or confirmation that the sight line on third party lands are on the DFI adopted road verge and can not be obstructed. Even though land registry show the road is owned by the land owners. I have have some land registry images showing this although I am not sure how to attach them to this message.

Yours sincerely,

James Mckibbin. [email address]