Results for 11 plus exams - Sep 2020 entry - boys

Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Wallington County Grammar school

Could you please inform me of the scores achieved by all boys (along with their month and year of Birth please), who appeared in the 11 plus Sep 2019 exam (for entry in Sep 2020) .

Yours faithfully,
Dipankar Haldar

Maria Waters,

I acknowledge receipt of your Freedom of Information Act request and
confirm that a response will be provided to you within 20 School days (and
no later than Monday 11th November 2019).
Mrs Waters 
Admissions Officer

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Maria Waters,

Mae'r neges hon wedi cael ei chuddio. This response has been hidden from public view. For more details see the annotation. The text of the email stated: "Dipankar Halder In response to your recent Freedom Of Information Act request, please find attached the information you requested, the scores of all boys from the recent Selective Eligibility Test plus their month and year of birth. If you are unhappy about the way we have dealt with your request you may follow our complaint procedures which are available at [1] or contact the Information Commissioner's Office [2] With regards Mrs Waters Admissions Officer " Cysylltwch â ni os oes gennych gwestiynau. Os chi sy'n gwneud y cais, gallwch fewngofnodi i weld y neges.

Gadawodd Richard Taylor anodiad ()

It is incredibly rare for us at WhatDoTheyKnow to remove a
substantive Freedom of Information response from our website but a decision has been taken to do so in this case.

Information released in response to this request could, especially
when combined with material released elsewhere, be linked to specific

The Data Protection Officer from Folio Education Trust, which runs
Wallington County Grammar School has been in touch with to ask us to remove the information they released
from our website.

The decision on what to do in this case was finely balanced. Both we
at WhatDoTheyKnow and Folio Education Trust considered the information
in question and assessed that its release was unlikely to pose a risk
to individuals.

There was potential for the information released to have been, or to
be, used for the basis of journalism, lobbying, academic research or
other public-interest purposes. The data could have been used to
assess the fairness of arrangements for admission into the school, and
grammar school admission in turn may have impacts on education, access
to professions, earnings, health, and generally an individual's
opportunities to have a happy and fulfilled life.

We considered the circumstances of this individual case and gave
particular weight to the fact that at least one parent was concerned,
in general terms, by the information being published. We also
considered that while the information could be used to pursue policy
and social changes in the wider public interest that did not appear to
have been the aim of the requester in this case.

The data released was titled: "Boys SET Score from 17/09/19 & their
month and year of birth" and comprised of 3,003 rows of data each
containing a "SET Total Score" and month/year of birth.

A summary of the data is presented below:

Month of Birth : Average Total SET Score
Sep-08 : 202.81
Oct-08 : 199.57
Nov-08 : 200.15
Dec-08 : 200.42
Jan-09 : 200.48
Feb-09 : 200.88
Mar-09 : 203.44
Apr-09 : 200.13
May-09 : 201.64
Jun-09 : 202.82
Jul-09 : 200.18
Aug-09 : 201.45

Each of those scores is based on an average of at least 200
individuals' scores

Richard - volunteer.