Request for Prison Canteen Price Lists

Roedd y cais yn rhannol lwyddiannus.

Dear HM Prison Service,

Could you please provide me with Cnateen Price Lists for the following prisons:

HMP Holloway
HMP Full Sutton
HMP Askham Grange
HMP Wolds

Yours faithfully,

Paul W Sullivan


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Dear Mr Sullivan
Please see the attached response to your recent FOI request with
supporting material


M. Lee

NOS Hub Team Leader

Business Administrator Manager

HUB Directorate

Ministry of Justice

National Offender Management Service

Offender Management & Public Protection Group

2nd Floor, Grenadier House, 99 – 105 Horseferry Road

London SW1P 2DD


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Gadawodd Paul W Sullivan anodiad ()

I have received information for public prisons but the 15 privatised prisons do not have to comply with FoIA requests so I did not receive data about those.

Gadawodd ashleigh anodiad ()

I am desperately trying to get a canteen price list for high down prison in sutton

Gadawodd Shakil anodiad ()

Can you provide the prison canteen sheet for HMP wormwood scrubs please

Gadawodd Paul W Sullivan anodiad ()

The only way to get these is to place a FoIA request naming the prisons you want canteen sheets for. You should remember that these can change; products and prices, every three months.