Request for information held on court records or electronic records or hand written notes

mark davis made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Gwasanaeth Llysoedd a Thribiwnlysoedd EM

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Mae'r cais yn aros am eglurhad. Os mark davis ydych chi, os gwelwch yn dda, mewngofnodi i anfon neges ddilynol.

Dear Her Majesty’s Courts and the Tribunals Service,

Ref:BM12P08962, BM12P09875, BM14P08229, BM13F05711.

Please carry out my requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000


Sent by Email on 22/11/16

TO: Birmingham County Court

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please provide me in a format I can under stand on my self and my child and any third party data that mentions the above case numbers or my self or my child and please provide this data to my email address in electronic format and by post.

A full printed chronology of all data received and
and court attendance Record for case number BM12P08962 on 03/09/12 of whom the solicitor who acted was and what company was he/she from and who was present:

For Case Numbers: which where heard at the Birmingham County Court from 03/09/12 until 17/06/14 and all Court orders made under all case numbers and all draft court orders received and from what method they where received by DX, Fax, Email and from whom they were received from. And a list of all named persons and there role at HMRC who drafted the sealed orders.

Please provide the name of the clerk? who over saw the case numbers below and who was the Manager over seeing the case numbers below and who was responsible for making sure case paper work was sent to the Judges who over saw the below case numbers.

who was responsible for seeing the order of 26/09/12 was at hand for the judge on 27/02/13 who was a new judge?

Who was responsible for updating the judge if certain documents where not filed as ordered?

Please provide any data or dates that cafcass provided and shared advice to the court or the judges on any applications made at the court or made ex parte and any notes on the same on file.

Any judges notes made on the case numbers.


1) Cafcass in Birmingham

2) Law Hurst and Taylor Solicitors for Father

3) ESN Solicitors For Mother

4) A List of all named Judges who had sight of the case numbers and all data sent and received and proof of the same by electronic means that the court staff sent the judge and the dates these were sent.

5) Kerrigan Family Law who acted for the Child as a rule 16.4 Guardian.

6) Birmingham Local Authority if any data was received or shared.

7) Any Third Party data received or shared or sent out by the court to others.

8) All date concerning my self that refers to my name or the above case numbers.

9) As to the order of 27/02/13 ordering the parents to attend a parent information program, all data received and all data sent out on as to this order. and dates sent

10) Please provide as requested on all data but specifically proof of what court orders where sent to cafcass that were sealed from the court as to the hearing of 27/02/13 and provide The DX tracking numbers and proof for all data shared with all parties or received with dates and time if possible.

11) Proof of what Court orders were sent out and the dates they where sent out and a list of to whom they were sent out for each order sealed by the court from 03/09/12 until 17/06/14.

12) All data from cafcas received showing written complaint from my self that would have been sent to you in 2013 and 2014 by cafcass to the court.

13) All Data received from my self and all data shared back from the court.

14) All Data received from my MP and all data shared back with my MP.

15) All cafcass reports received and the date’s received.

16) Any data shared or received from the Legal Aid Agency.

17) Any data received from the Police or shared with the Police or Southend Council.

18) A Copy of the Notice of acting, and Notice of Issue, and all applications received and on what date and which were issued by the court or the dated notice of service was carried out on the said named parties. For all the above case number and all named parties.

19) Copies of all applications and such dates these were received and by what method they were received and issued on said parties and were they checked prior to being issued as being completed with correct Names, Date of Birth, contact details and Email address and phone numbers prior to being issued?

20) A full chronology of all data is requested in a format I can under stand and a full print out of the electronic data which shows all the dates on is requested.

21) All internal data shared via the court staff or others under said court email accounts used by those who above case numbers are showing.

22)The court attendance record for the cafcass officer who attended court on 03/02/14 there were 3 officers? and other named persons who attended court

23) And who attended court on 27/02/13 and 10/07/13 and 25/10/13 and 06/12/13 and on 03/09/12, 26/09/12 and 18/01/13 and 03/02/14 and 10/03/14 and 07/05/14 and 28/05/14

24)Any judges notes from the above hearings and and record held on my above case and dates my case was accessed by court staff?

25) Who had over all responsibility of the above case numbers in the court person name not the judge?

26) Please confirm the reason the court shut on the afternoon of 18/01/13 after all parties attended the court and were told it was closing?

27) please provide all data held on the SPIP Course ordered by the court on 27/02/13 any application forms emails messages from others on this issue

28) Please provide all applications and W/S held under the above case numbers and dates they were filed to the court

29) Please provide the date notice of acting and notice of issue was filed with the court and certificate of service from when the application of 03/09/12 was received and proof the application and order where served and filed on Mark Davis as to the order of 03/09/12. for both named parties

30) Please provide dates legal aid data was shared with the court showing funding was in place for my self and the other named parties this was include the guardian who was appointed on 03/02/14.

As you would know my request would be met with in 20 days, this is a request for information you would hold on file or court record.

Please acknowledge safe receipt of this letter and reply in person ASAP.


Mark Davis

Midlands (RSU) KILO,

1 Atodiad

Dear Mr Davis
Please find attached the response to your freedom of information request.
Yours sincerely
Knowledge and Information Liaison Officer (KILO)
Midlands Regional Support Unit
email: [1][email address]
HMCTS Midlands Region -Working together to support the delivery of a First
Class Justice System

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