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Ashley Hamilton made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Peterborough City Council

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Dear Peterborough City Council,

Could you kindly send me a copy of your full HMO register please?

I searched on your website and couldn't find a copy as prescribed under the Housing Act 2004 s.232 (1) and the information that is required to be maintained within the register is described in the The Licensing and Management of Houses in Multiple occupation and Other Houses (Miscellaneous Provisions) (England) Regulations 2006.

The latter is extracted here for convenience:

Registers of Licences

11.—(1) The following particulars are prescribed for each entry in a register established and maintained under section 232(1)(a) of the Actin respect of a licence granted under Part 2 (HMOs) or 3 (selective licensing) of the Act which is in force—

(a)the name and address of the licence holder;
(b)the name and address of the person managing the licensed HMO or house;
(c)the address of the licensed HMO or house;
(d)a short description of the licensed HMO or house;
(e)a summary of the conditions of the licence;
(f)the commencement date and duration of the licence;
(g)summary information of any matter concerning the licensing of the HMO or house that has been referred to a residential property tribunal or to the Lands Tribunal; and
(h)summary information of any decision of the tribunals referred to in sub-paragraph (g) that relate to the licensed HMO or house, together with the reference number allocated to the case by the tribunal

A reply using Excel to list the properties would be advantageous.
Yours faithfully,

Ashley Hamilton

FOI Team, Peterborough City Council

Dear Ashley Hamilton 
This is a courtesy email to let you know your Public Information
Request has been received on : 23/04/2018. 
Your unique reference number is "CRN1804445663 ". Please keep this
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Customer Service Team

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