Request for care plan information

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Dear Shropshire Council,

I am requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
• How do you currently handle care planning in your care homes - electronically or on paper?
• If you you’re using electronic care planning, who is the current supplier, what is the value of the contract and when will the contact expire?
• If you use paper for care planning, do you have any plans for public tender within the next 12 months?
• What are the contact details of the procurement officer?

Yours faithfully,

Gina Pyke

FOI, Shropshire Council

Dear Ms Pyke


Thank you for your request for information received on 02/12/2020.  We are
currently processing your request in accordance with the relevant


Your request is for information about systems used for handing care

* This is a summary only and full details have been sent to the team
providing the response.
* If you feel the information is inaccurate or requires amendment,
please notify us as soon as possible using the contact details
provided below. 

Please note:
The Council has been facing unprecedented challenges this year. Firstly,
in response to the flooding in February and now in responding to the
coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. During this time, resources may have to
be diverted away from usual compliance or information rights work. The
council acknowledges that it can’t extend statutory timescales of requests
and everyone is doing their best to meet these. However, priority may have
to be given to other areas, eg the safeguarding of vulnerable people,
during this extraordinary period.
The Information Commissioner’s Office has blogged about their approach to
requests during this time: [1]blog
The Information Commissioner’s Office has released a statement about Data
Protection and the Coronavirus here: [2]statement



Yours sincerely


Information Governance Team

Shropshire Council


Abbey Foregate




Tel:                  01743 252179 / 252774 / 252747

Email:             [Shropshire Council request email]

Web:               [3]




[4]For information about Coronavirus click here/image below

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Tracey Yates, Shropshire Council

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Dear Gina


Thank you for your freedom of information enquiry.  I duly attach a
response, sent on behalf of Tanya Miles, Executive Director of Adult
Social Care/Housing & Public Health.


Kind regards




Tracey Yates

PA to  Tanya Miles, Executive Director Adult Social Care / Housing and
Public Health



'  01743 258663

* [1][email address]
8  [2]


+  Shropshire Council | Shirehall | Abbey Foregate | Shrewsbury |
Shropshire | SY2 6ND








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