Reports following Exercise Cygnus, 2016

North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum Nid oedd gan y wybodaeth y gofynnwyd amdani.

Dear Sir / Madam,

In 2016, there was a cross-Government tier one pandemic influenza exercise called Cygnus. I believe this was carried out in October, between 18th and 20th.

This was coordinated by the Department of Health, as requested by the Cabinet Office, with input from LRFs across the country.

Please provide the report you produced as a result of Exercise Cygnus or other relevant analysis of the Cygnus exercise including how it was carried out, its findings, conclusions and recommendations for change.

Yours faithfully,
Helen Thomas
07894 005 118

Tom Knox, North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum

1 Atodiad

Good Afternoon Helen,


Apologies for the delay in dealing with this FOI request within your
expected timelines.


My team are leading the NYCC LRF response to Co-vid, so our attentions
have obviously been elsewhere.


In reply to your FOI request I can report as follows;


North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum did not produce a report for
Operation Cygnus.


Kind regards,



Tom Knox


Tom Knox BA(Hons) MEPS,CBCI

Head of Resilience & Emergencies

North Yorkshire County Council

Old Courthouse, 3 Racecourse Lane

Northallerton, North Yorkshire



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