Rent arrears resulting from the spare room subsidy

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Dear Leeds City Council,

I am writing to make a request for all the information to which I am entitled under the Freedom of Information Act. In order to assist you with this request, I am outlining my query as specifically as possible. If however this request is too wide or too unclear, I would be grateful if you could contact me as I understand that under Section 16 of the act, you are required to advise and assist requesters.

Please can you provide a month by month breakdown of the number of appeals Leeds City Council has received concerning the reduction in housing benefit in relation to 'under occupancy' (spare room subsidy).

Please can you provide details of the number of appeals letters received broken down by (postcode district and postcode sector) and indicate in general terms the basis for the appeal. I would be happy to have a conversation with an officer to find out what level of explanation might provided in response to this question.

Using the same monthly and postcode area breakdown please can you show how many appeal letters the council has responded to so far and how many are still awaiting a decision?

Please could you show (against the same monthly and postcode
breakdown) how many of these appeals have been successful? Please also indicate the general grounds of successful appeals. Again, I would be happy to have a conversation with an officer to find out what level of explanation might be provided in response to this question.

Yours faithfully,

Jon Owen

E&N Data Enquiries, Leeds City Council

Dear  Jon Owen


I am writing this letter to confirm that we have received your request for
information about ‘under occupancy reductions in housing benefit’ I can
inform you we received this request on 28^th May 2013.


We are dealing with your request under the terms and conditions of the
Freedom of Information Act 2000.


You will receive a full answer from us within 20 working days from the
date we received your enquiry. 


In some circumstances a fee may be payable and if that is the case, we
will let you know. We will issue a fees notice to you and we will be able
to deal with your request once we have received payment.









Caroline Parish

Project Support Officer

Supporting the Director of Environment and Neighbourhoods

Strategy & Commissioning

Leeds City Council


[1]Tel: 0113 2243004





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Dear E&N Data Enquiries,

I have not received a response to the FOI request I submitted to you on the 28th May entitled 'Rent arrears resulting from the spare room subsidy.' You were required to respond to this request by the 25th June, or provide me with an explanation regarding why you have not been able to meet this deadline. I would be very grateful if respond with this message with either the information I requested or an explanation why you have not been able to provide me with this information as soon as possible.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Yours sincerely,

Jon Owen

Gadawodd kenneth priestley anodiad ()

I would research into box room classification and prayer rooms, have the council put this information in the public domain yet ?

DPFOI, Leeds City Council

Dear Jon Owen,


Please accept my apologies for the delay in contacting  you regarding your
request, unfortunately the delay was due to an administrative error.


To ensure that you get the information you are seeking I think it would be
helpful if an officer from the Benefits Service was to have a telephone
conversation as suggested in your request.


Therefore please could you email me your contact telephone number and also
let me know the most suitable time(s) to contact you, alternatively, if
you email me, I will be able to send you the officers name and contact


Once again, please accept my apologies regarding the delay in contacting


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.




Paul Burns

Senior Information Governance Officer

Intelligence and Improvement Team

Leeds City Council

Tel: 07712 214826

[1][email address]









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Gadawodd kenneth priestley anodiad ()

Please can you give them private contact details ????? mmmmmm dont want to disclose information in public domain ?

Gadawodd Jon Owen anodiad ()

Apparently they don't store correspondence in a way that makes it searchable for specific queries like this, and would take longer than the FOI time limit. I asked if there was a more appropriate question that I could ask to get the information, but apparently all correspondence to do with the bedroom tax is coded in a particular way on their computer system, and there's no way to tell what's what without searching through file by file, which would take an impossibly long time.

Gadawodd kenneth priestley anodiad ()

Another good question is if a room is a prayer room or a box room, can you have the banding of your council tax altered ????? now that would be funny the council bringing in rules that shoot themselves in the foot lol