Regulation A19

Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Devon and Cornwall Police Authority,

I would like details of the Regulation A19 Act and to whether you are going to reverse this Act in the near future.

Many thanks

Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth Giles

Devon and Cornwall Police Authority

Dear Elizabeth
Further to your request:

I would like details of the Regulation A19 Act and to whether you
are going to reverse this Act in the near future.

In response to your request I can advise that:

Regulation A19 is a regulation found in the Police Pensions Regulations 1987. I can advise that you can access Regulation A19 legislation on the Internet, the following source is one such source.

The Police Authority has no powers to reverse this legislation.

You may be interested however, in the decision made at the last Police Authority meeting, held on 28 September 2012. The relevant minute extracted from the meeting is as follows:

131. Review of the operation of Regulation A19 and police officer recruitment

The Chairman outlined the background to the review of the operation of Regulation A19 which had been requested at the March meeting of SPCC. Issues which were discussed during consideration of the report included:
• The Director of Legal Services informed Members of the outcome of the employment tribunal claim against the Authority in relation to consultation on the use of Regulation A19. The claim in relation to age discrimination was due to be decided in early 2013.
• Members requested further information regarding the financial background to the review, including data on people affected and future budget settlements.
• Clarification was provided regarding the timescales involved for recruitment in the future.

RESOLVED i) to temporarily suspend the use of Regulation A19 with
immediate effect but ask the incoming PCC to review this decision in setting the budget for 2013-14 and in reviewing the Medium Term Financial Strategy.
ii) to endorse the planning and preliminary actions for resuming police officer recruitment at an appropriate level in 2013/14 subject to actual recruitment being dependent upon a confirmed budgetary provision.
iii) to provide to all Members of the Authority a document listing the reasons articulated in the debate for the decisions being taken, including the organisational operational effectiveness issues, data in relation to people affected, and financial information to the extent that this is currently known.

Kind regards,

Eleanor Tanner
Office Manager
01392 225551

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