Regards Graeme Purvis investigating officer within Historical investigations - former Northumbria Police officers - Martin McGartland PIRA kidnapping case

Martin McGartland made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland

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Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland.

Martin McGartland

Dear Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland,

Under Freedom of Information Act, I am requesting following information;

1. Has Graeme Purvis (investigator Historical Investigations) ever been a serving police officer within Northumbria Police?

2. How many investigators, if any, have been former police officers of Northumbria Police?

Graeme Purvis, whom I only spoke to for the first time today by telephone, was extremely rude with me on the telephone after I contacted him about my 1991 PIRA kidnapping case, which he has been investigating for well over 6 months. During the telephone conversation with Mr Purvis, I noticed that he had a Geordie accent and given he shares the same name as a Northumbria Police officer, I asked the valid question if he was ever a serving Northumbria Police officer, he became slightly agitated and stated that he was going to end the call. I reminded him that I was calling about my complaint, that which he had been investigating for over 6 months and that which he stated in an email he sent me in June 2013 confirming that he was reviewing the case and would contact me in 6 weeks. It has now been 6 months. He became very evasive, was rude and he slammed the phone down when I asked him what was happening with my case and if he was a former NP officer.

As above, Graeme Purvis wrote to me in June 2013 stating in his email that he would write to me in 6 weeks after he reviewed the case but given it's now been 6 months and given he has made no attempt to contact me or update me, I called him and he began making wild and untruthful statements that he could not be sure that I was who I was saying I was, that I should not be ringing your office, that there is some sort of protocol in place regarding me (which I told him was news to me).

This is a figment of the guy's imagination, I reminded him that I speak to individuals in your office frequently and no one has ever told me that I should not. I also informed him that your office (Tony Young) had emailed me only last Friday to speak to me about a separate complaint, moreover, I understand that it was Mr Young's boss who allocated my case to him and asked him to email me to ask me to telephone him, your office.

I would like the person who receives this request to also forward copy of it to Paul Holmes (Mr Purvis' boss) so that Mr Purvis' involvement in my complaint, case can be looked into. In the event that Graeme Purvis is in fact the same Graeme Purvis who was a former Northumbria Police officer/detective, then it follows that he should be immediately removed from my case given the history between myself and Northumbria Police, including the very serious corruption by senior NP officers in my case. My case should then be dealt with by a totally independent person.

If Graeme Purvis is indeed a former NP officer, I do wonder why he was chosen to investigate my 1991 attempted murder case, all of these issues must now be thoroughly investigated given the long history between myself and NP who were directly responsible for my being traced by PIRA after they took a false and malicious prosecution against me, of which I was acquitted, by a jury, after a 3 day trial and within 10 minutes of deliberation. NP have of course since compensated me (out of court) for the malicious prosecution and also for other matters, police staff leaking my birth name and new identity to civilians and also damages for libel.

I did try to contact Paul Holmes within the last 30 minutes to express my grave concerns about Mr Purvis, his behaviour towards me, his rudeness on the phone and his failure to discuss my case as well as the long delay. More importantly, I wanted to speak to Mr Holmes regarding my concerns that Mr Purvis may have been a serving NP officer in the past. However, I was informed that Mr Holmes was not available, that being reason why I am attaching above comments to this FOI request and asking that a copy of it be forwarded on to him.

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland


Dear Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland,

Please ensure that this message is dealt with as a complaint on the grounds that your office have;

Failed to deal with my above FOI request within the legal time limit or indeed at all.

This request, by law, should have been dealt with by Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland promptly and by no later than 10 February 2014.

This is nothing new, Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland have been deliberately delaying my complaint/s (in some cases for well over a year or more) and case officers have promised me an update on my complaints (including Graeme Purvis)and no update has ever been sent. One of my complaints relates to my kidnapping by convicted PIRA terrorists (Paul 'Chico' Hamilton and Jim McCarthy (CRJ Belfast), very serious complaint/s. However, I am being continually being fobbed off by your office, case officers who I maintain are under orders by NIO, MI5, Home Officer or MI5 to cover-up and or fail to carryout proper investigation in to my cases. This of course is corruption.

I await your reply

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland

Dear Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland,

Can you p-lease confirm that you are dealing with both this request and also my complaint.

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland

Info, Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland

Mr McGartland,

Re; Your request for information about one of our investigators and whether we have any investigators who are former officers of Northumbria Police.

We would not wish to release any personal information about any of our staff as this would represent a breach of the Data Protection Act.

Yours faithfully

Freedom of Information Unit.
Office of Police Ombudsman.

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

A Martin McGartland request concerning Delays, failure by Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, its officers to carryout proper investigation into my 1991 PIRA kidnapping. This is because Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, its officers are protecting the two convicted PIRA terrorists (Jim McCarthy CRJ Belfast and Paul 'Chico' Hamilton (two Police Informers) as well as MI5, RUC and PSNI officers who covered-up the my kidnapping, sent me to to murdered and also hide (for almost 20 years) compelling evidence to protect all those involved in criminal corruption and serious criminal activity. I maintain that the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland's office (its officers) are controlled by MI5, PSNI, NIO and HMG. That they are colluding and covering serious State crimes, corruption and wrongdoing.

This includes a request for Internal Review - Your office have ignored my previous request for Internal Review.

Dear Info,

So I will take that as a yes then. The Graeme Purvis who your office have allowed to 'investigate' (I say whitewash) my 1991 PIRA kidnapping (which was carried out by convicted PIRA terrorists, Jim McCarthy CRJ Belfast and Paul 'Chico' Hamilton, also Gerry Adams former 'bodyguards') is the same former Northumbria Police officer. He is from a force who has been, continue to be involved in the most shocking and very serious criminal corruption concerning me (Martin McGartland):

The same Graeme Purvis who wrote to me 8 months or more ago stating that he was 'reviewing' my case, that he would supply me with an update within 6 to 8 weeks. I never did get an update nor did he ever contact me again (that is what you would expect from a former copper of Corrupt Northumbria Police).

When I called Graeme Purvis (got put through to him by accident) he had a pure geordie accent. When I told him my name his pure geordie accent became part part America (mixed with a few others) and a veeeeery poor attempt of Northern Irish accent.

I asked Graeme Purvis was he ever a former Northumbria police officer (he became very agitated) and began changing the subject from one thing (you should not be speaking to me) then (I don't know who you are). He even claimed I'm not allowed to speak to you (all this is of court on tape (to protect both parties) because I know Graeme Purvis, PONI will lie). I reminded him that he had emailed me, that he had told me he was 'reviewing' my case, that he had also told me that he would write to me with an 'update' within 6 to 8 weeeks. He never did.

I was left with the very clear impression that Graeme Purvis did not, as his email claimed, have vany involvement in my case. I suspect he is (as others continue to be) being used as a postbox, decoy to protect others who are colluding with NIO, Home Office, PSNI and MI5 to cover-up my 1991 kidnapping, to protect SB, MI5 officers involve3d and to protect both my PIRA kidnappers who I maintain (Jim McCartrhy CRJ Belfast and Paul 'Chico' Hamilton) are both Police, Mi5 and or Army informers.

During the past number of days I have been contacted by yet another of your 'investigators' (who I maintain is nothing more than another postbox, decoy). I suspect Graeme Purvis (the former NP cop) has been taking off the case (acting postbox, decoy) because of my above complaints and due to the Northumbria Police corruption in the Martrin McGartland case, attempted murder;

I do not want Graeme Purvis, or any other former 'police officer', anywhere near my case and or involved in your 'investigations' (whitewash) in to my comp0laints and or my 1991 PIRA kidnapping case.

I have already requested an Internal Review which you appear to be ignoring. Please accept this as a request for an Internal review on following grounds;

!. I am not seeking personal information concerning Graeme Purvis. I asked if he, as investigator, in my case has ever been a serving police officer with Northumbria police. He is dealing with a very serious complaint that I have made, given above, the history between myself and Northumbria Police, given I am the complainant, given that Graeme Purvis has refused to confirm to me if he was a former NP officer, given he has delayed investigation into my 1991 attempted murder case, given he stated he would update me within 6 to 8 weeks (when he did not) etc. I believe that I have a right to know.

Yours sincerely,

Martin McGartland

Gadawodd Martin McGartland anodiad ()

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), including DI Karen Baxter, Home Office, Public Prosecution Service (PPS) (including John Rea and Ms O'Kane), and the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland office Cover-up of the 1991 PIRA kidnapping of Martin McGartland by convicted PIRA terrorists (informers) Jim McCarthy CRJ Belfast and Paul 'Chico' Hamilton.

All above parties (many others) are protecting RUC, SB, MI5, Home Office, NIO, MoD and others. Those who sent Marty McGartland to be kidnapped, tortured b(and murdered had he not have escaped), as they had done to many other brave former agents who gave their all (only to be betrayed) to the British State to protect other agents;

PSNI, DI Karen Baxter corruption in the Martin McGartland 1991 kidnapping case; Compelling evidence was concealed for almost 17 years, terrorists involved were protected (continue to be protected), the investigations (By DI Baxter, her corrupt bosses) and PSNI were deliberately botched by them to protect RUC 'buddies' and to protect informers, MI5 and my kidnappers;

Gadawodd Martin McGartland anodiad ()

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