Refusal to deal with compalints about Dept Work Pensions

bill made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to The Ombudsman Service Limited
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Dear The Ombudsman Service Limited,

Please provide me with details of all documents and recordings of meetings you have held that contain rules about why the Ombudsman should refuse to become involved in complaints made by the public about the Dept Work and Pensions.

I am specifically interested in rules that have been made by the Ombudsman Staff that prevent complaints being looked into until the Dept Work Pensions have given a final response. Your staff have said they will not become involved in complaints until a final response has been issued by the Dept Work Pensions, but the Dept Work and Pensions has NO TIME LIMIT to respond. This means complaints can be floored by them not responding.

Please provide me with copies of all documents that set out these restrictions. It appears on the face of it that the Ombudsman is not in fact helping people or remaining impartial but instead they are assisting the Dept Work Pensions to commit crimes against disabled people.

In the last 12 months please give me the number of complaints the Ombudsman refused to enter into because the complainant had not received a final response.

How many of the above complaints were about the Dept Work Pensions? whilst the Ombudsman is fully aware that if the DWP fails to respond to the complainants complaints then the complaint cannot proceed and there is no redress. These are rules made by the Ombudsman in my view to stop complaints being upheld or even looked into.
How many complaints has the Ombudsman received about itself?

How many of those complaints were upheld?

Please give me all the information you have about the Ombudsman deliberately flooring complaints about the Dept Work and Pensions by telling people you cannot get involved until a final response has been given whilst you are aware that the DWP have no time limit to respond. Please give copies of all information you hold regarding keeping the public confidence in the service. I require copies of all instructions given to you that are about making the public feel there is an Ombudsman safety net when in fact there is no Ombudsman Service available if the DWP fails to respond to any complaint. Including complaints about DWP staff committing criminal offences against claimants.

Yours faithfully,

William Webber

Gadawodd bill anodiad ()

I have written this request to the Ombudsman Service because there are serious problems with the service. I am concerned that members of the public are going about their usual business feeling safe under the pretence that the Ombudsman Service is there as a safety net. The Public need to be aware that the Ombudsman is probably helping government authorites to get out of complaints. They have made a rule that means the Ombudsman cannot get involved without a signature from your MP. They wont even look at the complaint for example to the DWP unless the complainer has received a final response. It means that the Dept Work and Pensions can avoid justice over criminal matters and avoid compensating disabled people that they have abused by simply not responding to complaints. How can this ever be fair? To have the Ombudsman refuse to become involved over rules they have made when they know the DWP are committing offences against disabled people in my view makes them an accessory to hate crime.
What a shocking state this country has gotten into. Our government are just liars hoping people will fall for these lies and stop claiming what they are entitled to receive. It's a disgusting way to treat people. The Dept Work and Pensions dictate how they operate and how they treat people, the law does not apply to them.

Applications, The Ombudsman Service Limited

Hi William,

Thank you for your email.

Please note that Ombudsman Services Ltd is not a public body and it investigates complaints mainly about Energy and Telecommunication companies.

Ombudsman Services Ltd does not investigate complaints about the Department of Work and Pensions or any other Government Department.

You may wish to contact the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman which is a different organisation. See:


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Gadawodd bill anodiad ()

This is not the Ombudsman Service the request was sent here in error. Thank you for providing the correct address.

Dear Applications,

Hi Sorry I sent the request to you by mistake. I must have clicked on the wrong name.

Yours sincerely,