Reform of offences against the person

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Dear Law Commission,

This FOI request relates to your 2015 publication 'Reform of offences against the person' (HC 555).

At para 5.92 you said: "Richard Wood agreed that there was no need for an offence of assaulting a clergyman, but considered that the “obstruction” part of the offence should be kept. Preventing religious services from taking place can cause distress, for example to those attending a wedding or funeral. The same point was made in correspondence by Stephen Slack, of the legal office of the Church of England."

Please disclose an electronic copy of Mr Slack's correspondence and all other submissions received on this topic, as part of this project, from the Church of England or its officers.

At para 5.93, you said: "So far as we have been able to ascertain, there have been no prosecutions for assault on a magistrate or other person preserving a wreck in recent decades, and very few for assault or obstruction of clergy."

Please disclose an electronic copy of all recorded information you hold on prosecutions for assault or obstruction of clergy.

Yours faithfully,
G Webber

LAWCOM (FOI), Law Commission

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LAWCOM (FOI), Law Commission

Dear G Webber,

Thank you for your request for information dated 21/06/19 and received in this office on 21/06/19.
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Brennan, Holly, Law Commission

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Thank you for your Freedom of Information Request dated 21 June 2019
relating to our 2015 publication ‘Reform of Offences Against the Person’


The information you requested is enclosed.


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