Redeployment/settlement for staffs capability or conduct within the trust

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Dear Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust,

How many senior staff members of any profession (banding 8A and above) who have either been moved to alternative employment or provided with a settlement figure where by the individual or individuals are to reframe from making a public comment or signing a NDA. If this data is available please can you quantify if these arrangements were made owing to whether a concern was made regarding the individual or individuals capability or conduct within the trust.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Marsden

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Acknowledgement of Request for information under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000


Thank you for your request for information, made under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 (the Act) which was received today by Portsmouth
Hospitals NHS Trust (the Trust).


Under the terms of the Act the Trust will endeavour to respond to your
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Please note that in accordance with section 12(4) of the Act where
multiple requests for information are received from one person or by
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total cost of complying with all of them. Where applicable, we may deal
with multiple requests for information under a single reference.


There are also a number of exemptions which the Act permits with respect
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exemptions prior to us releasing it to you. You will be advised if the
Trust is unable to provide the information requested due to exemption(s).


Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005


The supply of information under Freedom of Information is intended to be
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writing to this Trust. A licence may be issued if the information is under
copyright and the issue of a licence may constitute a charge depending
upon the information released and proposed re-use.


Failure to comply with the Regulations may result in legal proceedings
being taken against you.


The Trust will only release staff personal information of those who are
grade Band 8 and above.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact this office.


Yours sincerely


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Tel: 023 9228 6000

Ext. 3708

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FOI Request - Portsmouth - Group Mailbox, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

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Dear Mr Marsden,


Please find attached Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust's letter of completion
for your request made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact
the Team.


Yours sincerely,  


Freedom of Information Team 

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

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De La Court House

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Cosham, Portsmouth

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02392 286000 Ext. 3708


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