Recruitment or training only open to minority racial groups

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Dear Sir or Madam,

Please provide me with the details (positions available, numbers thereof, salary etc) of any positions which have been made available, to either internal or external candidates, either employment, training, secondment, or any other scheme of a similar nature, which have stipulated that the applicants will only be accpeted from minority racial groups.

This request should be applied to HMRC, and also to the Departments previously known as 'Inland Revenue' and 'Customs and Excise'.

Yours faithfully,

Barry Jones

Sharpe, John (G&S), Cyllid a Thollau Ei Mawrhydi

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Dear Mr Jones,

I attach HMRC's reply to your request for information about positions
which are stipulated as only being available to ethnic minorities.

Yours sincerely

John Sharpe

Governance & Security


Room 4/52

100 Parliament Street



Fax 020 7147 0666

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