Reasons for leaving STH Board & dates

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan South Tyneside Homes.

Dear South Tyneside Homes,

Would you please inform me what dates the following left the STH Board

Jim Sewell

Ian Robertson

What were the reasons for each leaving the Board ?

How long was left in the time that they were each elected / voted in ?

Please note this request and your response is to be forwarded to Northumbria Police as evidence for the following complaints / allegations which I am providing evidence of to the Police.

Perverting the course of justice
Deceit ( Welwyn Hatfield District Council v Slough Estates £48 Million damages caused by a dishonest Labour Leader Stan Atkinson )
Misfeasance / Malfeasance / Misconduct in Public office

Could you also confirm if the STH / Council insurers cover Members / Officers for criminal behaviour ?

Can you please inform me what the total scaffolding expenditure has been by STH since March 2011 to all scaffolding contractors & roofing companies / builders / partners i.e Gentoo / / Kier / Frank Haslam Milan & others.
This will include your Repairs and Maintenance / Decent Homes works, please bear in mind, any future Police / Serious Fraud Office investigation will uncover these figures.

Please inform me how many properties in the Borough have received new roofs since January 2011 to date ?

Yours faithfully,

John Robertson

Dear South Tyneside Homes,

Please comply with my request,

Yours faithfully,


foi, South Tyneside Homes

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Dear Mr Robertson


Please find attached the Council’s response to your Freedom of Information




Information Governance

South Tyneside Council


[1][South Tyneside Homes request email]


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