Reason for Brexit bias?

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Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

Please would you disclose all communications between the British Government and the BBC (since the Brexit ref) regarding coverage of any anti-Brexit sentiment or anti-Brexit arguments, or regarding how you are to project the case for Remain to your audience. This will include guidance on how to select your panels, should there be any such guidance.

I make this request owing to the appalling lack of BBC coverage of the Remain side of the Brexit debate. There is a compelling economic case to Remain in the EU. I do not understand why this is not brought up daily, yet you are happy to show idiotic stunts by Farage with dead fish on an issue that viewed in perspective is a minor slice of our economy. I do not understand, either, why your journalists do not push the prime minister for REAL answers. Nor do I understand, why the BBC is not screaming out for a proper investigation of the whole CA/AggregateIQ/ToryGovt/Brexit matter with your journalists leading the way to expose the truth.

We pay for the BBC; we have a right to expect high standards and no bias!

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

J Totman

FOI Enquiries, Y Gorfforaeth Ddarlledu Brydeinig

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Dear J Totman


Please find attached the response to your request for information,
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Yours sincerely


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