Rail Movements of Nuclear-Material: Radioactive Waste from "Harwell".

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Darryl J Lee (Mr.)

Dear Direct Rail Services Limited,

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I'd like details, please of how DRS will "support National Nuclear-Material movements for Harwell..." (Given that Harwell has no Rail line) through 2017 to 2020 (and if information is available - beyond 2020).

And secondly; I'd like details of how DRS will be providing "support" to The NDA, SLC’s and RWM to maximise efficiency across the Nuclear Estate. (and where relevant, the MOD) please.

Yours faithfully,

Darryl J Lee (Mr.)


Thank you for contacting DRS Communications Team.


Please accept this email as confirmation of receipt and we aim to respond
to your enquiry as soon as possible.


Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm


Many thanks


DRS Communications Department




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Good afternoon Mr Lee,


Thank you for your enquiry.


DRS has successfully supported the movement of nuclear material by rail
from Harwell since 2013. These movements involve an initial road movement
from the Harwell site to DRS’ railhead facility in Berkeley where the
package is transferred from road to rail for onward transport to


As a wholly owned subsidiary company of the NDA, DRS is well placed to
assess opportunities across the NDA estate to work together to identify
and deliver efficient rail transport solutions.  As the NDA’s preferred
mode of transport, rail delivers safe, secure and environmentally friendly
transport services which are enhanced by aggregation of volumes and shared
use of assets and resources.


We will also be publishing our corporate strategy on the website soon for
more information.


Kind regards



Rachael Storey

Business Support Officer



Direct Rail Services, Regents Court,
Baron Way, Carlisle CA6 4SJ

Tel: 01228 406525



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