Questions regarding Cooper report In reference to Taxi Fares In Glasgow

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Dear Glasgow City Council,

Cooper report In reference to Taxi Fares In Glasgow

Please detail within your typical response times of 6 days the following information regarding the cooper report in reference to taxi fares in Glasgow.

1) Date cooper report commissioned
2) Purchase order number and cost
3) Date purchase order / invoice paid
4) Date cooper report completed
5) Date cooper report released to relevant parties
6) Details of all parties who have been provided with and / or currently hold a copy of the cooper report. if numbered copies provide details
by number

In respect of your reponse on 26th November in regard FOI 4485186,please advise

7) please detail the certain parties whom it is detailed may highlight or manipulate the findings with the report

8) Please detail the persons within the committee that are felt unable to independently read the evaluate the report without feeling undue pressure from parties you have detailed in your response to question 7.

9) Please detail the commercial interests you mention in "policy review have the potential to affect the commercial interests of many parties"

10) please detail the parties in as much detail as possible you mention in"policy review have the potential to affect the commercial interests of many parties"

11) please advise if it is the policy of the council to protect the commercial interests of parties detailed in your reponse to question 9 , and if so , which ones.

12) As detailed this document affects the interests of 3000 taxi drivers within Glasgow please detail what is being done to provide consultation with them or expected to be done regarding the cooper report.

13) Advise why the necessary policy meetings of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee could not take place , and advise why were outwith the councils control so could not take place

14 ) In response to a previous request, Licensing indicated that the section 27(1) exemption applied as it was intention to publish the report with 12 weeks of the request being made.Please detail how crucial the 12 weeks detailed was in permitting a section 27(1) as being acceptable

Yours faithfully,

Horatio K Bromhead

Customer Care Centre, Glasgow City Council

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CED_FOI, Glasgow City Council

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Dear Mr Bromhead
Thank you for your email received on 28 November 2013 requesting
information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.
Please find your response attached.  
Yours Sincerely
Jennifer Small
Customer Care

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