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Jen Persson made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Basingstoke College of Technology

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Dear Basingstoke College of Technology,

with regards to the FOI Act 2000, please provide thw following information:


1. The date the cameras were first introduced
2. The year group(s ) and number (quantity) of students filmed to date,
3. The product brand and type, and company terms and conditions (this may be listed for example in a data processing agreement between the school and company)
4. A copy of the data protection impact assessment including the lawful basis for processing,
5. A copy of the privacy notice supplied to a) staff b) children and their families c) guests that may be filmed before the use of the product, and
6. The data storage location, retention period, and format.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jen Persson
defend digital me

Freedom of Information, Basingstoke College of Technology

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Dear Jen

Thank you for your query. Apologies for the delay in getting this response to you. Please find the answers below:

1. 1/2/2019
2. Our college is an Further Education college and has a broad range of ages. The groups that have used the cameras are all aged over 16, equivalent of year 12 upwards. 96 students have used the cameras to date.
3. The product is the Calla Cam Body Worn Camera. As we own these cameras and do not use the software Calla provide for storing videos in the cloud, we do not have T&Cs with them.
4. The lawful basis for processing is consent. As these cameras are used for helping to build learner portfolios and providing assessment evidence, students are told about them before they are used and given the option to not take part, either in theirs or someone else's video (students will act as models for each other). There is no penalty for not taking part. See attached DPIA.
5. As we do not use these cameras for filming other than during assessments, we do not have specific privacy notices for them. They are explained to the students as part of their course. Our general privacy notices are stored on our website: https://www.bcot.ac.uk/information/gdpr/
6. Videos are stored on our internal network. As they are being used for assessments, the videos will be retained for the period defined by the exam boards, which can vary but is usually 2 years.


Greg Devereux-Cooke
Head of Information Services & Exams
Basingstoke College of Technology

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