Publish a single list of all public sector contracts published since 2015

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Crown Commercial Service.

Dear Crown Commercial Service,

I am writing to request a .csv file of all the contracts published by UK public bodies on the websites, and since 2015. Currently, while these contracts are all publicly available under an Open Government License, they are compartmentalised on different websites.

I am therefore requesting the government to publish all the contracts already published openly in a single spreadsheet which can be accessed by the public.

Yours faithfully,

John Lubbock

Cabinet Office Correspondence,

Dear John Lubbock,

Thank you for your email of 21 April 2021 asking for a .csv file of all
the contracts published by UK public bodies on the websites
[1], [2] and
[3] since 2015.

Unfortunately. we are not able to provide this information for you at this
time, however, I have included some comments below which I hope you will
find helpful.

For reference:

* Data outputs for Contracts Finder are available on [4] as
well as via .csv download from the site itself.
* Finder a Tender Service data is available via [5] We do not
currently provide a .csv download function, but that is on our future
development backlog.
* Both Contracts Finder and Find a Tender Service also make data
available via an API feed.
* TED is not managed or owned by Cabinet Office and any request for data
beyond what is already publicly available should be made to the EU
Publications Office.

Yours sincerely,


Public Correspondence Team

Cabinet Office


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