I hope whoever is reading this is keeping well.
I am writing in connection to the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
Please could you endeavour to answer the following questions within 20 working days, as specified under its clauses:
Please can you break down the below information for the following calendar years: 2019 and 2020. Can you also please provide me the information for the period between 1 January 2021 and 28 February 2021.
Q1) Over the stated period, on how many separate occasions did a member of the public contact your council to inform you they suspected that a child was living in a private fostering arrangement (that hadn't been reported)? In order to report such a suspected private fostering arrangement, people are often directed to a council's children safeguarding board/children's services team (or similar) or encouraged to fill out a form (such as via a Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub) on the local authority's website. Please can you break down Q1 in terms of what type of person reported the private fostering arrangement (for example, but not limited to: school/teacher, neighbour)
1a) How many of the children living under such private fostering arrangements were found to have a disability (please specify what kind- such as autism, down syndrome- if that information, indeed, is recorded and retrievable under the constraints of the act)
1b) Following the subsequent completion of the Private Fostering Assessment (or similarly titled) form, how many placements were found to be prohibited?
1c) How many of the private foster carers had convictions recorded on their DBS disclosure form? Could you please breakdown all the above information in a table and on a case to case basis over the requested period.
I would like to receive this information in an electronic format. If you feel that a substantive response to this request is not possible within a reasonable time frame, or the request is too broad, I would be grateful if you could please contact me by email ([email address]) and provide assistance as to how I could refine the request.

Yours faithfully,
Yohannes Lowe

Freedom of Information, Northamptonshire County Council

Dear Mr Lowe,


Freedom of Information Request: FR10588


I am writing to acknowledge your request for information dated 13/03/2021
which was received by us on 15/03/2021.


Our team is dealing with your request and we will be in contact with you
soon. If you have any queries about this email, please contact me quoting
the reference FR10588 in any future communications.


You should expect a further response within 20 working days, however due
to the COVID-19 pandemic you may experience a delay in our response. If
this is the case we will contact you to request an extension in the
timescales and will keep you informed of the progress of your request . We
thank you in advance for your understanding.  


Kind regards


Sarah Jobling

Senior Administrator

Freedom of Information/Data Protection Team

Northamptonshire County Council


[Northamptonshire County Council request email]








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Data Protection,

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Good morning,


Please see attached response


Kind regards


Please note that Northampton County Council was replaced by the West
Northamptonshire Council on 1 April, 2021.


Please send all future requests for information
to [1][email address], alternatively you can complete
the form on our website: [2]Make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request |
West Northamptonshire Council (westnorthants.gov.uk) . 


Please be reassured that, irrespective of how you contact us, we will
ensure continuity of the services you receive from us.



Tracey Gilkes

Senior Administration Assistant

Information Governance Team


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Northampton | NN1 1ED

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Hello Tracey,
I hope you are well.
I am writing in connection to my request (10588), which has just been refused.
Please would you be so kind, under s16, to suggest a way for me to reframe my request so the requested information about fostering arrangements is retrievable in line with your council's data systems?

Data Requests,

Good afternoon Yoahnnes,

Thank you for your e mail below.

The information you are seeking relates to 'private fostering' which is not a category on the system, and therefore can not provide a response

Kind regards

Tracey Gilkes
Senior Administration Assistant
Information Governance Team

West Northamptonshire Council | One Angel Square | Angel Street | Northampton | NN1 1ED
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