Prisoners who have obtained degrees

stacey brewer made this Freedom of Information request to Open University

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Dear Open University,

Under the FOIA I would like to request the following information;

How many prisoners have obtained a degree through the Open University whilst in a secure environment since records began including;

- masters
- honours
- phd/doctorate

Yours faithfully,

Stacey Brewer

Freedom-of-Information, Open University

Dear Stacey,

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your Freedom of Information Request.

Your request is receiving our attention and you will hear from us again within 20 working days.

Yours sincerely

Daniel Webb

Mr Daniel Webb | Senior Manager, Information Rights
Information Rights, University Secretary’s Office
The Open University, Level 5, Charles Pinfold Building, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
Tel: +44 (0) 1908 653994
[Open University request email]

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Freedom-of-Information, Open University

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Dear Stacey


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.


I can confirm that the Open University holds the information which
constitutes information falling within the scope of your request.  Please
see below for the answers to your request which I have highlighted in


There are 902 unique students who have studied within a secure environment
and gained a Batchelors or Postgraduate qualification (Batchelors
with/without Honours, PG certificates and diplomas, Masters and
Research-level qualifications). These students have gained a total of
1,153 qualifications, as some continue to study after gaining their first


Due to the changes to our information systems since the OU was founded we
cannot reliably ascertain whether graduates who studied between 1970/71
and 1995/96 were in a secure environment during those studies, so we can
only report upon those who graduated whilst in a secure environment, not
those who left that environment before graduation. From 1996/97 to date we
have much more detailed information available.


A large proportion of our students within secure environments first try
undergraduate certificates and diplomas, as they often have little prior
educational experience and need to learn study skills. When these
undergraduate qualifications are added the total number of graduates
expands to 3,677.


If you have any concerns about the way the University has observed the
provisions of the Freedom of Information Act you may apply for your
request to be reviewed.  Freedom of Information Reviews are considered by
the University Secretary or his delegate.  Your request must be submitted
within 40 working days of receipt of this letter/email. Reviews should be
addressed to the above [1]inbox, entitled “FOIA Review”, and should set
out the reasons for the review.   You will have a further right of appeal
to the [2]Information Commissioner’s Office.



Mel Augusto



Miss Mel Augusto | Information Rights Co-Ordinator

Information Rights, University Secretary’s Office

The Open University, Level 5, Charles Pinfold Building, Walton Hall,
Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
Tel: +44 (0) 1908 653994

Email: [4][Open University request email]  


[6]Freedom of Information Publication Scheme




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