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Dear Child Support Agency,

Please could you provide the following information with regards to your current printing expenditure :

1. Current printing and photocopier contract details?
a. Photocopiers/MFD?s
b. Printers
c. Print room / reprographics

2. Companies awarded?
a. Photocopiers/MFDs
b. Printers
c. Print room / reprographics

3. Length of contract/s and end dates?
a. Photocopiers/MFDs
b. Printers
c. Print room / reprographics

4. Number of devices?
a. Photocopiers/MFDs
b. Printers
c. Print room / reprographics

5. Annual print/copy volume
a. Photocopiers/MFDs
b. Printers
c. Print room / reprographics

6. Annual spend?
a. Photocopiers/MFDs
b. Printers
c. Print room / reprographics

7. Details on how these were procured. i.e. By Framework
a. Procurement method
b. If Framework, please state which one

8. Do you have any print management software? If so, which

9. Do they supply you with any scanning software (additional to the
software native to the device)?

10. What Document Management solution/s do you currently use within
your organization?
11. What PDF software do you pay for? And how many licenses do you
pay for (an average per annum would be a good number here please)?

12. What is the name of the person within your organization responsible for the MFDs and the contract, what is their title, and their email address please?
13. How do you procure your print consumables/supplies?
14. What is the annual spend on print consumables?
15 Do you use a framework to procure consumables?

Yours faithfully,

Mr Ross Ellis

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DWP CAXTON HOUSE Commercial Directorate Correspondence, Child Support Agency

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Dear Mr Ellis
Please see the attached response to your request 21 August 2017.
Kind Regards,
DWP Commercial Directorate Correspondence Team
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