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Dear Trafford Housing Trust,


I wish to know the following
1) how many complaints / dissatisfactions / queries of any kind have been made against the council tenants of Princess Street WA14, including but not limited to environmental management and social?
2) From the list of complaints / dissatisfaction / queries logged against Princess Street WA14 what if any action has been taken by Trafford council?
3) from the action taken in point 3, what is the remedial and follow up actions by Trafford Council?
4) % and number of single adults living in the Trafford area in a 3 bedroom house?
5) % and number of families waiting to move into a 3 bedroom house in the Trafford area?
6) % and number of the monthly / year council tax bill applied to management of council tenants?
7) Policy / procedures for council tenants a) dog noice management for council tenants b) drug management for council tenants management c) large waste items removal for council tenants management

Yours faithfully,

Laura Botting

The Customer Hub, Trafford Housing Trust

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