Power Management

Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear Angus College of Further Education,

Thousands of pounds are spent on electricity for PC's each year. I
would like to know;

a) How many PC's are in the College?
b) Do you use a software tool for Power Management of these PC's.
If you do use a software tool, what is it and what is the annual
cost of support & maintenance?
c) Who is responsible for paying electricity bills for the
College (Name and Role)?
d) Does that College have a Green IT policy for reduction of
carbon emissions?

Yours faithfully,

Martin McKenna

Dear Angus College of Further Education,

I am looking for an update on my FOI request regarding Power Management. I understand that by law you should have replied by 15th March. Any assistance in this matter would be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Martin McKenna

Sent request to Angus College of Further Education again, using a new contact address.

John Clayton, Angus College of Further Education


The answers to your request are as follows:

(a) We currently have 1133 PCs and 238 laptops.

(b) We impose power management through the normal Windows Group Policy.
This comes at no extra charge with our Windows licences.

(c) Electricity bills are paid by Steve Hanson, the Estates Manager

(d) The College has a Sustainability Policy, which includes ICT
sustainability. Our ICT Strategy relates to this policy.

John Clayton

Information Systems Manager

Angus College

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