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Dear Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,
In your capacity as shareholder of The Post Office what interest do you take in the matter of Boardroom pay?The only product POL has is the Postal Order and it is largely concerned with home shopping retuns,stamp sales,cash withdrawls and bill payments.What earnings enable the Post Office to have so many people on £200,000 to £480.000 per annum when they cannot compensate the wrongly prosecuted SPM and they have reduced SPM payments?Do you approve PO salaries?Do you accept POL accounts?

Yours faithfully,
John O'Sullivan

BEIS Correspondence Team, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

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Dear Mr O'Sullivan,

Please find attached our response to your recent enquiry.


Nicholas Butterworth

Dear BEIS Correspondence Team,
Thank you for your reply and I am happy for this thread to be considered a normal course of business response.POL is not a business,the lowest paid branch got £450 for a years work and half of them are on less than £23k.Post Offices exist across the country because a political need dictates it,SPM subsidise the poor pay from POL with retail ,personal savings or go bust.Did you as the Shareholder challenge POL over1)Paula Vennells bonus 2)MDA 2 "winners and loosers"3)continued prescence of Tim Parker and Alisdair Cameron on the Bord and 4)POL continued to employ its head of security for 6 further years after an in house solicitor expressed concern over his order to shred Horizon documents.Where is the scrutiny,where is the accountability?Can you trust POL to oversee the Historic Shortfall Scheme unsupervised?

Yours sincerely,

john o'sullivan