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Poor service for the service no 7

We're waiting for John Balfour to read recent responses and update the status.

Dear Lothian Buses Limited,

Hi I work in the Royal infirmary Edinburgh and I would like to know why every time you take a bus of its a no 7 you can get 3 /21 in a row but no number 7 this happens in the morning and at night as well so I am late for work or I have to wait in the rain for 30mins please give us our bus back this is not a good service and getting a lot worse

Yours faithfully,

Mr John Balfour

foisa, Lothian Buses Limited

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Good afternoon,


Please find attached our response to your Freedom of Information review
request dated 28 October 2021.



Lothian Buses

Freedom of Information Requests



Part of the Lothian family

|55 Annandale Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4AZ




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Customer Services, Lothian Buses Limited

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Dear Mr Balfour


Thank you for contacting Lothian.


Your correspondence has been passed to our Customer services team for a


Lothian strive to deliver for our customers in continuing challenging
operational circumstances and I’m sorry to hear that you have been
encountering issues with the reliability of the service 7.


It is imperative that the timetables we create are realistic and can be
met by our drivers at any time when traffic conditions are deemed to be
‘normal’. However, a multitude of issues can adversely impact on bus
journey times such as a badly parked car, a road traffic accident that
results in a diversion for buses or congestion caused by a one-off event
or roadworks. 


Unfortunately,  service 7 has been impacted by diversions and related
congestion in Leith due to the ongoing tramworks and this, coupled with
daily peak time congestion at the Royal Infirmary has impacted the
reliability of the service. We do appreciate that this must be frustrating
and apologise for the delay and inconvenience you have encountered,
however, these delays have been outwith our control.


With regards to buses being turned prior to the Hospital, when buses are
significantly delayed there may be instances where a late bus will be
turned  in order to try and get it operating back on time. In the main,
they should only be turned if there is another bus in close proximity.


With the impending North Bridge works, which will inevitably lead to
increased journey times, we have implemented a timetable change which will
come in to effect on Sunday 14^th November and which we hope, will
mitigate the impact to customers. That being said, we will continue to
monitor services and where required and resources allow, make future
changes to ensure our timetables are as robust as possible.


Our drivers and operational control team will continue to work hard to run
services as advertised, however, as previously stated, they can be
affected by factors outwith our control such as roadworks, diversions and
traffic congestion.


Kind regards


Chris Morgan

Senior Customer Service Advisor


Part of the Lothian family


T: 0131 554 4494| 55 Annandale Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4AZ



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