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Dear Clackmannanshire Council,
On 15 October I submitted an FOI asking for details of Clackmannanshire Council's policy on collecting Public Realm Contributions from Developers. You haven't yet acknowledged this request, which I would now like to clarify. Since submitting my original FIO I have learned that I should have used the expression "developer contributions" rather than "public realm Improvement contributions." Please accept my apologies if this has caused any inconvenience. The clarified request appears below.

Please tell me
How much money your local authority has raised from Developer Contributions in each of the last three years?
How is the money raised through Developer Contributions spent? Is it spent locally in the areas in which the development is proposed, is it spent on projects on other areas within the local authority, or does it go into the general Council pot?
How is the level of Developer Contributions calculated? For example, in the case of a housing development is it a percentage of the selling price of the house?
What is the average amount of Developer Contribution for each of a two, three, four, five and six bedroom house?
Are community groups like community councils for example consulted about how funds raised from Developer Contributions is spent?
What is the mechanism the local authority uses to gain Developer Contributions from developers?
At what stage in the planning process is the level of Developer Contributions agreed?

Yours faithfully,

John McEvoy

Dana Scjalokaite, Clackmannanshire Council

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Mr. John Mcevoy Contact: Rhea McFarlane
Tel. No: 01259 450000
Ref: DEV047F1A3
Date: 12/11/2018

Dear Mr. Mcevoy

Freedom of Information : DEV047F1A3

I acknowledge receipt of your request for information which was received
on 12/11/2018 about Public Realm Contributions.   It will be forwarded to
the appropriate Council Service for action and you should receive a
response, or a request for clarification by 10/12/2018. If there is a need
to clarify anything relating to your request, colleagues will contact you.

If you have any queries about this letter, please contact me.  

Yours sincerely

Rhea McFarlane

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Rhea McFarlane, Clackmannanshire Council

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Mr. John Mcevoy Contact: Rhea McFarlane
  Tel. No: 01259 450000
Ref: DEV047F1A3
Date: 26/11/2018

Dear Mr. Mcevoy

Freedom of Information Enquiry: DEV047F1A3

Thank you for your information request dated 12/11/2018.

I am happy to supply you with the information you requested.

I refer to your Freedom of Information request in relation to Developer
Contributions. I have provided my response in the order of the questions
asked in your enquiry.

1.  Please find attached a spreadsheet detailing developer contributions
received in the last financial year. No contributions were received in the
preceding two financial years.

2.  Developer contributions  monies are secured by means of planning
conditions or legal agreements. Monies received are used in accordance
with the terms of the relevant condition or legal agreement which
themselves are restricted by Scottish Government Guidance (Planning
Circular 3/2012). In general terms contributions are allocated to mitigate
the need for development impact within proximity of the application site.
Monies received are held in a separate developer contributions account for
this purpose.

3. The need and level of developer contributions is determined by
application of the Council's Local Development Plan Policies SC9 &
Supplementary Guidance 1 which are accessible at the following link;


4. Response as above (question 3).

5. Community consultation is undertaken depending on the nature of
contribution eg. not for education capacity contributions but yes for
public art contributions.

6. Planning conditions and/or legal agreement.

7. Prior to the grant of planning permission.


Yours sincerely

Allan Finlayson

(See attached file: Developers Income 17-18.xlsx)

| If you are not satisfied with this response, you may contact the |
| Council’s Head of Resources and Governance seeking a review of your |
| request. within 40 working days of receiving the response (the |
| address is: Clackmannanshire Council, Kilncraigs, Alloa FK10 1EB. |
| (Email address: [Clackmannanshire Council request email]). If you are not satisfied with |
| the outcome of the review you have the right to appeal directly to |
| The Scottish Information Commissioner, Kinburn Castle, Doubledykes |
| Road, St. Andrews, Fife KY16 9DS, or online |
| www.itspublicknowledge.info/Appeal within 6 months. |

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