Policy on community free use of parks

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Dear Wandsworth Borough Council,

Currently Borough employees reject all proposals to plan and implement weekend free community 5k runs in any and all of its parks.

Exclusivity of Wandsworth Borough park use is only given to paid for runs by businesses, charities and clubs and this serves to prevent communities from establishing their own free weekend park runs.

Would you publish the existing policy statement(s), committee minutes and employee role profiles that underpin and authorise granting exclusive use of Wandsworth Borough parks for payment that now prevents the free weekend use by a community.

Yours faithfully,

P Cook

Freedom Of Information, Wandsworth Borough Council

Freedom of Information Act request - 2011/5184 - Community free use of parks

Thank you for your request for information received on 19/09/2011.

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Freedom Of Information, Wandsworth Borough Council

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Freedom of Information Act request -  2011/5184 - Community free use of


I refer to your request for information received on 19/09/2011.  Please
see the information below in response to your request: -


The Council does not have a specific policy relating to the use of parks
and open spaces in Wandsworth for community runs, and neither is it
currently considering creating one.  


The Council’s Events Team is responsible for the management of all event
applications for the use of open spaces in the  Borough, in line with the
Events Strategy, which is attached together with the current Terms &
Conditions for events (this version covers Battersea Park).


Please note that the strategy was originally written for Battersea Park,
but the principles extend to the use of all parks and open spaces for
events. Please also note that the section on Event Restrictions is
currently being reviewed, but this has no bearing on your specific request
relating to community runs.  We have also attached the last annual report
covering the work of the Events Team. 


I hope this information meets your needs. If you do not understand the
information provided or wish to discuss anything further, please feel free
to contact me and I, or another member of the team will be able to assist


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Room 162, Wandsworth Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PU


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Kirsten Hawkins

Senior Information Management Officer

Corporate Information Management Team

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