Policy in relation to ATW support for Deaf BSL users

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Dear Sirs

Please provide copies of all policies and other relevant documentation that are used by Access to Work (ATW) staff in relation to the following:-

a) Rates for the booking of BSL/English Interpreters (broken down by region as appropriate);

b) The rationale behind all rates imposed;

c) The 30-hour rule (i.e. the requirement to employ communication support if the support required is 30 hours per week or more);

d) The rationale behind the 30-hour rule;

e) Eligibility rules in relation to Deaf customers who are self-employed or directors in a limited company;

e) How the 30-hour rule would be imposed in relation to Deaf customers who are self-employed or directors in a limited company;

f) What should happen if the 30-hour rule is deemed unsuitable for a Deaf BSL users' role/place of work;

g) Rules in relation to the funding of BSL/English Interpreters for job interviews; and

h) The impact of potential employers having a recruitment policy.

Yours faithfully

Rob Wilks

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