Police and Tasers

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Paul W Sullivan

Dear Sir or Madam,

The police have now had tasers for about 5 years. Please provide the following information.

How many times during 2008 was a Taser used against a member of the public?

How many times was a Taser used instead of a firearm (gun)during 2008?

During the whole time that Tasers have been deployed has anybody suffered any ill effect from being 'Tasered'? If so please provide anonymized information.

What percentage of police now carry Tasers?

Please provide information on operational guidance for their use (when and where and by whom) or provide details of where this information can be freely accessed.

What records are kept each time a Taser is deployed?

Yours faithfully,

Paul W Sullivan

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The police have CS sprays and Tasers and yet they still keep shooting dead members of the public. Why?

Home Office

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Reference : T7932/9

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