Please provide details of all public participation concerning lighting on Grange Hill

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Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,

How ourageous to be told 'This is a private meeting' today on Grange Hill, our local public green space and all partcipants, including Councillors, turning your backs and walking behind the war memorial to hold your 'meeting about lighting'. This is a direct contravention of the Aarhaus Convention regarding public participation.

Please could you provide us with details of all public participation concerning lighting on Grange Hill, West Kirby

Yours faithfully,

family johnson

InfoMgr, FinDMT, Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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Good Afternoon


Thank you for your recent request, which has been processed under the
Environmental Information Regulations.


Regarding the meeting you have referred to, no Council officers were in
attendance, and the Council therefore has no recorded information to
provide to you in relation to it (EIR 12.4(a)).


In terms of public participation over the lighting of Grange Hill, this
was included in the Grange Hill Management Plan which was consulted on
extensively prior to its publication in June 2014, namely


            Replace the old lamp by the Memorial Garden with new energy
efficient illumination in a style suitable for the heritage location

                                                (p.10, Grange Hill
Management Plan)


Please find attached a copy of the plan for your information.


Kind regards,


Sent on behalf of


Tracy O'Hare

Information Management

Transformation and Resources

Wirral Council


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