Please provide copies of E mails, telephone summaries and letters in relation to award of MBE to Liz Male Chair of Trust Mark

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Main Honours Advisory Committee.

Dear Main Honours Advisory Committee,

Given the prominence and ministerial endorsement towards Trustmark why has its' Chair Liz Male been awarded MBE for services to consumers when she has failed to ensure TM is fully compliant with that aim ?

I refer to the following information - most of which is currently
available to members of the public - and would be interested in why
Liz Male, in view of the foregoing public interest information, was
recommended for honours - when TrustMark has seemingly failed to
protect consumers currently being served by some contractor members
of Property Care Association potentially using damp proofing
products that may not work.

ISSE ( the Sheffield based Institute of Specialist Surveyors and
Engineers) has found that products used in the damp proofing
industry are, according to British Board of Agrement, who have
tested the products, not fit for purpose. Simon Wroe Head of
Approvals wrote to the trade body Property Care Association (PCA)
in October 2013 (letter on file) to advise its members that in
future certificates would have to show two levels of competence.
BBA advertise on its web site that their Certificates are gold
standard fit for purpose.

Steve Hodgson who is the CEO of PCA, and now a director of the
flagship Consumer protection body TrustMark, wrote back to BBA in
October to advise that this information must be kept from the
public and PCA contractor members.(letter on file)

BBA which is headed by Claire Curtis Thomas, allegedly held a
secret meeting with Steve Hodgson and the manufacturer members of
PCA who hold these apparently and seemingly worthless but very
costly certificates. Perhaps because of the consumer sensitivity
and risks of litigation against BBA all those attended the meeting
allegedly had to sign a secrecy agreement.

The matter was reported by ISSE to Alan Slaney CEO of Trustmark who
denied any such impropriety by his co director despite being sent a
copy of the signed letter from S.Hodgson. Mr Slaney then threatened
the directors of ISSE with defamation. ISSE then directed the
matter to Liz Male Chair of who was awarded the MBE in New Years
Honours list 2015. She did nothing to stop this misuse or seriously
investigate but instead circulated untrue comments provided by S
Hodgson about Mr Kidd probably as a deterrent to any further
investigation and means of burying the matter. (See FOI website
What Do They Know' under name of William Kidd for further comments
and E mails between BIS and TM)

In the meantime ISSE estimate that the PCA scheme within TM could
undertake some £25 Million of treatment per month plus a similar
sum for redecoration following the potentially largely ineffective
but very destructive works. An industry source ( notes on file )
says that it is estimated 80 per cent of the material used by the
industry is of the low strength cream that fails to protect against
rising damp.

BBA have admitted on its web site in April 2014 that in fact
despite having awarded several Certificates it has in fact never
had a suitable test for the products since 1999 when the damp
proofing creams were first brought out. Thus over 16 years it could
be estimated that some £7.6 Billion worth of potentially useless
work has been undertaken with such products.

Furthermore Which ? magazine in Dec 2011 in the article
'Unnecessary Treatments' where they tested 11 damp proofing
companies - 6 of which were PCA members - and found not one could
tell the difference between rising damp and a burst pipe but in any
event most still recommended a damp proof course be installed.

Dr.Graham Atherton of Wythenshawe Hospital ( and unpaid director of
Education of ISSE) who cares for patients suffering and dying from
aspergillosis from the effects of damp homes wrote (letter on file)
about the scandal to Barry Blackwell of Department of Business -
who oversee the consumer contract with TM.

When ISSE then contacted Mr.Blackwell he surprisingly denied in a
conversation with W Kidd of ISSE on 22nd July 2014 (minutes of
conversation on file) that Trustmark had any obligation to uphold
consumer law. Using a FOI request ISSE obtained a copy of the
contract and found that the core contract values were exactly to
uphold the law. Soon afterwards Liz Male received the MBE.

ISSE have also reported to the CMA, and then to Sheffield TS, the
UK wide restrictive practice where RICS valuation surveyors acting
for mortgage lenders such as Leeds Building Society insist on PCA
members only being used for damp and timber inspections despite
ISSE members having Ofqual backed awards of 540 hours for each of
their 2 Diplomas considerably greater depth than the 24 hour or 3
day self assessed course offered by PCA.

Euro MP Tony Kirkhope said he would raise this matter in the European
Parliament he agrees it seems the UK has all the consumer laws in
place to deal with such matters but no one is enforcing them.
(letter on file).

Yours faithfully,

William Kidd

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