Photography Policy

Roedd y cais yn rhannol lwyddiannus.

Dear Glasgow Kelvin College,

Per FOISA please provide me with recorded information in relation to the following contained in; your records:

Your policy on taking photographs of children or young people including teenagers on your external grounds, i.e. not within your campus but within a your grounds, to be specific a short distance away from a fully glassed outer exterior to the campus building?

Do have such a policy on photographs being taken on the location ad described above?

If so what is the policy implementation date?

Was this policy negotiated and agreed with your TUS Side?

Were staff informed about this policy?

If so please advise the date that that staff were informed?

Also are staff permitted to copy or download any pictures from the College websites ie intranet and internet of any picture taken of children ie under the age of 18 and post to Facebook or any other social media platform, including your communications teams?

Does the policy include that there will be signs displayed prohibiting taking photographs of children?

Are signs displayed prohibiting taking photographs of children anywhere on College grounds?

Where are these signs displayed?

Does the college provide college owned equipment for taking photographs that may include children.

Is there a consent form signed by every child that studies on campus including all visiting children that authorities photographs to be taken which forms part of your policy.

Please advise the role of the person who is overall responsible to oversee safeguarding within your college particularly in regard to the taking off photographs of children or young people.

Please provide a copy of your policy or all information contained in this policy.

Please acknowledge receipt and I shall look forward to your response within 20 working days.

Yours faithfully,

Samantha Kean

foi, Glasgow Kelvin College

Dear Ms Kean

Thank you for your request for information as outlined in your email below.

Your request was received on 1 August 2018 and has been logged with the following reference number 0801.033. We shall aim to process your request as soon as possible and certainly within 20 working days following the received date. You should expect a response by 29 August 2018 at the latest.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us quoting the above reference number in any correspondence.

Kind regards

Donald Higgins - Durnan
FOI Team

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

foi, Glasgow Kelvin College

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Good morning

Please find attached a College response to your recent request for information.


Donald Higgins Durnan
FOI Team

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir