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Dear Drinking Water Inspectorate,

Hello can you tell me what the recorded ph level of Burnleys water is.
And how this is recorded
Is it an independent body that tests the water
Or do you just accept what united utilities tell you.
And what is the law regarding the ph level.
How do I get a water test done that I can use in court.
Is the water in Burnley recommended for drinking
Is the water in Burnley recommended for bathing

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Critchley

DWI Enquiries (DWI), Drinking Water Inspectorate

Thank you for your e-mail. Your enquiry has been received by the Drinking
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Drinking Water Inspectorate.


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DWI Enquiries (DWI), Drinking Water Inspectorate

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Please see attached reply to your enquiry.

Kind regards

Mrs Judith Bibaud
Drinking Water Inspectorate
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Nobel House
17 Smith Square

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