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Dear Sir or Madam,

I have noticed on many local government webpages, statements such as:

"We have a provisional allocation of £49.3m Private Finance Initiative credits from Central Government."[1]

I have scrutinized the relevant sections of the DCLG website,[2] and do not see information of this nature being disclosed.

May I please be sent a link to, or emailed a copy of a table of information containing all allocations of PFI credits at any stage of the process (provisional, endorsed, etc), as well as relevant details that one would expect to see in such a table (date, cost, location, special conditions, etc).

I am aware of one website hosting a database of operational projects.[3] But since it lacks any reference to allocations of credits (including the Liverpool Central Library project announcement), it does not contain the information I am looking for.




Yours faithfully,

Julian Todd.

Simon Oliver, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

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Dear Mr Todd

Please see the attached response to your recent query on local authority

<<FoI PFI credits.doc>> <<August 08 LA PFI Project List.xls>>
Simon Oliver
Central Private Finance Unit
Department for Communities & Local Government

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Dear Simon Oliver,

Thank you very much for this fine response. I look forward to this information being available on the webpage as standard.

What now remains to be made available is a depository of all Outline Business Cases, Endorsement Letters, Contracts, etc, etc, etc for each and PFI in the table, but I'll leave that for someone else to look into.

For avoidance of doubt, this email is not an FOI request. It is just a message of thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Julian Todd.

Simon Oliver, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

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