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Dear Scottish Prison Service,

Under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2092 please provide me with the following information contained in your records as follows:

Per establishment including Calton House, please advise how many members of staff use your internet system for private use?

Please use a 24 month period to analyse the number of users per establishment and break the number down per establishment?

Please advise the total amount of time spent by staff using your internet for personal use per establishment including Calton House for the last 24 months?

Again, please break this amount down per individual, per establishment, month on month, year on year and department by department?

Please highlight the significant location of the highest users of the your internet for private use Allocating the time spent using the internet for private use, month on month, year on year?

I shall look forward to receiving your response within 20 working days

Yours faithfully,

Ms S Kean

Gaolinfo, Scottish Prison Service

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