Permanent Recruitment

Roedd y cais yn rhannol lwyddiannus.

Dear Walford and North Shropshire College,

Can you please provide me with your spend for permanent recruitment over the last 12 months split by advertising, agency fees (please confirm agency used), transfer fees, training etc.

Yours faithfully,

Lucas Hill

Andrew D Pugh, North Shropshire College

Good afternoon
With regards the information request I would need to source some of the
detail if required, however:
1) Staff costs are available through our published accounts which can be
accessed on request, these also identify numbers of staff and FTE
2) Our advertising costs are not split between staffing and general
advertising as it all comes under one budget (staff would need to be
allocated to break down this information).
3) Agency fees and name of the agency is commercially sensitive
information and can not be provided however over the last 12 months we
have not used any agencies for the purpose of recruitment.
4) Transfer fees are not applicable.
5) Training: We allocate a budget of approx £30k per year for staff
If you require further information this will need time and staff
allocation and may incur a charge of approximately £50, please let me know
if this is required as I will have to plan the staff time.
Andrew Pugh  |  Director of Finance and Resources  |  Direct Tel: 01691
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