Pension fund assets under management

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Dear Shropshire Council,

1) Please provide in Microsoft excel format for the end of the 2019/20 financial year:
a. the sum total of pension fund assets under management;
b. full details of what the Local Government Pension Fund currently invests in, including: the full name and amounts of each fund, bond, institution and investment held, by asset class or category, including specific equities;
c. full details of any investments in: renewable energy, green technologies, social housing, community wealth building or low carbon funds.

I would like to receive this information in an unlocked excel sheet without protected cells (.xls). If you have to password protect the excel sheet, please can you also provide the password to the excel sheet.

2) Please provide any Local Government Pension Fund or Council policy or strategy statements, meeting minutes, investment principles, or Investment Strategy Statements that commit to reducing investments in fossil fuel producers or to decarbonise the Fund

If one part of the request can be answered sooner than others, please send that information first followed by any subsequent data. If you need further clarification, please contact me by email.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Noyes

FOI, Shropshire Council

Dear Mr Noyes


Thank you for your request for information received on 11/08/2020.  We are
currently processing your request in accordance with the relevant


Your request is for information about pension fund assets.

* This is a summary only and full details have been sent to the team
providing the response.
* If you feel the information is inaccurate or requires amendment,
please notify us as soon as possible using the contact details
provided below. 

Please note:
The Council has been facing unprecedented challenges this year. Firstly,
in response to the flooding in February and now in responding to the
coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. During this time, resources may have to
be diverted away from usual compliance or information rights work. The
council acknowledges that it can’t extend statutory timescales of requests
and everyone is doing their best to meet these. However, priority may have
to be given to other areas, eg the safeguarding of vulnerable people,
during this extraordinary period.
The Information Commissioner’s Office has blogged about their approach to
requests during this time: [1]blog
The Information Commissioner’s Office has released a statement about Data
Protection and the Coronavirus here: [2]statement



Yours sincerely


Information Governance Team

Shropshire Council


Abbey Foregate




Tel:                  01743 252179 / 252774 / 252747

Email:             [Shropshire Council request email]

Web:               [3]




[4]For information about Coronavirus click here/image below

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James Walton, Shropshire Council

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Dear Mr Noyes

Please find below the link to our latest annual report which provides
further details on equity holdings, plus the requested information in part


The majority of the Pension Fund investments are held in pooled funds and
the information we hold is the number of units held and the market value
of the pooled funds not the underlying investments.


James Walton

Interim Executive Director, Resources (Section 151 Officer)


Finance, Governance and Assurance

Shropshire Council


Abbey Foregate




Email:      [2][email address]

Web        [3]



Chief Financial Officer (Section 151 Officer): Shropshire Council

Pension Scheme Administrator: Shropshire County Pension Fund

Treasurer: Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority

Treasurer: West Mercia Energy

Treasurer: Marches LEP

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