Michael Bellamy

Dear North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust,

I am currently researching the use of Patient Entertainment and Patient Information Access in hospitals, how it is funded, its affordability for patients and its use in enhancing the patient experience.
I would very grateful if you could supply the information requested below. For the purpose of my study, I am defining Patient Entertainment Systems as any bedside entertainment system that is for individual use and as a minimum allows access to television programmes.
If there are any questions you cannot answer, please state this and progress through the rest of the survey
Your assistance is very much appreciated.

Question One: Does the Trust have a Patient Entertainment offering? Yes, in all applicable wards; Yes in some wards or No

If Yes in all or some wards:
Is the system free or charge for patients, or is the service chargeable for either all or some content?

Does the system offer information services in addition to entertainment, for example nurse call or meal ordering?

Can you advise if you are under contract with a provider, and if so, who it is with and when that contract expires?

If No
Does the Trust have plans to implement a Patient Entertainment System and if so do you have an approximate date?

Are you considering additional services such as nurse call or meal ordering or solely entertainment?

Question Two
Are you able to provide a contact for Patient Entertainment for additional dialogue on the subject?

Yours faithfully,

Michael Bellamy

Wright Terri (RLY) NSCHT,

Dear Michael,

Please accept this as acknowledgement of receipt of your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

We are processing your request and a response is due to you by 22nd June 2018 in accordance with the 20 working days deadline stipulated by the Act.

Kind Regards

Terri Wright
Executive Support Secretary
North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust
Lawton House
Bellringer Road
Trentham Lakes
Staffordshire, ST4 8HH

Tel: 0300 123 1535 EXT: 1380

Website: www.combined.nhs.uk

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dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Wilkinson LisaM (RLY) NSCHT,

2 Atodiad

Dear Michael


Please find attached a response to your FOI


Many thanks


Lisa Wilkinson

Corporate Governance Manager / Assistant Trust Board Secretary

North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust

Lawton House, Bellringer Road, Trentham Lakes South

Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 8HH


Telephone: 0300 123 1535 extension 2030

Internal extension: FN 2030


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