Passport renewals British citizens newly arrived in UK - counter signatures - no British resident who has known applicant for 2 years

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Dear HM Passport Office,

My children are British citizens under 18 and older than 11, who were born and have been living abroad. They will shortly move to the UK to live. They currently have UK passports, which will need to be renewed within 6 months of their arrival. If at the time of the renewal a) in the opinion of HM Passport office their “appearance has changed beyond recognition from their existing passport” and b) there is no person resident in the UK who has known them for at least two years in order to counter sign their renewal applications and photos, will they be denied a renewed UK passport? If not, who should countersign their renewal application/photos or how otherwise should they obtain the renewal of their UK passports?

Yours faithfully,

J Barrett

FOI, HM Passport Office

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HM Passport Office

Dear J Barrett,
Thank you for your enquiry.
The system will automatically determine whether the applicant requires a
countersignature or not.
If you wish to complete the countersignature online, you will be required
to nominate a person holding a valid British passport, living and working
in the UK, known you for 2 years or more and not related by birth or
Alternatively if you do not know anyone living and working in the UK and
holding a valid British passport, you will be required to select the
option of a paper referee form and provide a colour photocopy of the
persons biometric page in their passport. These documents should be sent
alongside the passport.
If you require any further information, please contact us via e-mail
[1][email address] or call us on +44 (0)300 222 0000, Text Relay
Prefix 18001
Kind Regards,
O Lee
HM Passport Office Operations
Customer Service Management Team
Her Majesty’s Passport Office
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