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Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Adur District Council.

Dear Adur District Council,

I wanted to get in touch to see if you'd please be able to help me with a few of these questions, relating to your area.

I would like to know..
1. How many Blue Badge holders are in your area?
2. How many council-owned parking spaces there are?
3. How many of these council-owned parking spaces are for Blue Badge holders?
4. How many of these council-owned parking spaces are parent-child spaces?
5. How many fines are given out a month (on average) for people that park in Blue Badge spaces when they have no Blue Badge?
6. The same for parent-child spaces.

If you could please get back to me as soon as you can, that would be really great. It would be great if you could please email [email address] with the answers to these questions.

Yours faithfully,

Emma-Leigh Hull (15 Rowsby Court, Pontprennau, Cardiff, CF23 8FG, 07478709450)

Information Officer, Adur District Council

Dear Emma,
I acknowledge receipt of your request for information addressed to Adur
District Council.  It is noted the Council  received the same request from
you on 18th August 2021 and was sent via [1] from email
[2][email address], this was logged and
assigned to reference number 9980427.  
To prevent duplication of handling identical requests received from the
same requester, we only respond to this request once.

Furthermore, you also sent the same request addressed to Worthing Borough
Council via [3]
email [4][email address] on 18th August 2021,
which was logged and assigned to case reference 9999671. For your
information, the Councils provide a joint working service. So if we
receive the same request for Adur District Council and Worthing Borough
Council, we reserve the right to provide one joint response.

To confirm, this has been logged and assigned to reference number 9980427.
Please quote this reference number in all future communication relating to
this matter.
Please note all communication is sent via our online system, for reference
the emails are sent from [5][email address] and the subject
of our response stated "Our response to your request for information (ref
Yours sincerely
Davinia O'Brien
Feedback and Request for Information Officer | Adur & Worthing Councils 
Email: [6][Adur District Council request email] |Website: [7] 

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