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Dear North Yorkshire County Council,

This is a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act and relates to overseas trips.

From June 2016 to the day this request is processed, I would like to know the number of overseas trips councillors, members of the management team (including the chief executive), and council officers have taken in the course of conducting council business. For each overseas trip, please provide the following information:

- The date and duration of the overseas trip, as well as the country/city that was visited

- The full name, title and position of the councillor/member of management team/council officer who went on the overseas trip

- The reason or reasons why the councillor/member of management team/council officer went on the overseas trip

- The cost of the overseas trip (please provide a breakdown of travel costs, accommodation costs and expenses etc.)

- Please state whether the council met the costs of the overseas trip, or whether an individual, group, company, consortium, charity or another organisation met the costs.

- Please provide the full name of the individual, group, company, charity or organisation that met the costs. If it is a group or consortium, please state who or what composes the group or consortium.

I would like to receive the information electronically. If you feel that a substantive response to this request is not possible within a reasonable time frame, or the request is too broad or too vague, I would be grateful if you could contact me and provide assistance as to how I could refine the request. Many thanks.

Yours faithfully,

Jenna Corderoy

North Yorkshire County Council

Thank you for contacting North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC). We confirm
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Yours faithfully
The information governance team

Finance Enquiries, North Yorkshire County Council

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Dear Jenna Corderoy,


In reply to your enquiry, there have been no overseas trips on NYCC
business by councillors, or council officers in the period stated from
June 2016 to the present day.


If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact Veritau
using the e-mail address provided.


Kind regards,

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Please arrange for a draft reply for your service area to be sent to us to
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more than 18 hours to gather this information from your service area
please let us know as soon as possible.


Kind regards


Carrie Wilson

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