Overseas citizens using Uk addresses

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Dear Land Registry,

I would like to know if the registered owner of the property lives overseas, can they use a relative or friend’s UK address, at which they have never lived, to purchase a property and not inform HM land registry that they live overseas

Yours faithfully,

Hammaad Ashraf

Customer Support,


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Dear Hammaad Ashraf


Thank you for your recent email, the contents of which are noted.
We would advise that when a private individual or Company etc., is
registered as a proprietor of land, that an address for service for that
proprietor is required for entry on the Title Register.
That address is the address that Land Registry would use to correspond
with, or serve notice on the proprietor. should the need arise.  We would
always recommend that this address for service be kept up to date.
Each proprietor may give up to three addresses for service, one of which
must be a postal address whether or not in the UK (including the postcode,
if any). The others can be any combination of a postal address, a UK DX
box number or an electronic address.

If a proprietor is residing overseas, they would therefore be able to use
an alternative UK address for service, should they so wish.  They would
not need to inform Land Registry that they did not reside at this address.
We trust this clarifies the position.
Yours sincerely

Samantha Hyett
HM Land Registry
Good morning,
We have received the below email into the FOI inbox and was hoping you
could provide some advice or wording that we could send back to the
customer? - As they have sent the email through What Do They Know a
response to their enquiry ideally has to come from the Information Rights
Many thanks for your help,

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