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Gillian Lansley made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to NHS Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group

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Dear NHS Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group,

What are the terms of your out of hours service provision?
who provides this?
what is your service level agreement wrt response times for triage, clinic appointments and visits.

how do you validate the data you receive from your OOH provider?

do you perform random sampling?

Do you oblige your ooh provider to ensure doctors and nurses working overnight do not work the following day in primary care, in the interests of patient and their own, safety? if not why not?
Who is your medical director?
what are your clinical governance arrangements?

how often do you meet with the ooh provider to review performance and complaints?

how many gp appointments are they required to provide per 1000 patients, per week?

have you amended the terms of the contract with the ooh provider following investigation and review of complaints they have received?

do they ever reset or amend breached visit times or triage times?

how do you check to prevent this occurring?

what is the contract budget value for the ooh provision?
what is the rate paid by your ooh provider to the gp and nurse staff, is this in line with national trends?

What is the value of the contingency fund held by your OOH provider? What is its intended use?
note i have contacted LCD and they state they are not obliged t provide foi information, and to seek it from yourselves.
Is it not the case that all parties contracting with the nhs are reuired to comply with the Freedom of Information Act as a specific term in their contract?
when is the contract due for tender?

Yours faithfully,

Gillian Lansley

foi ghccg, NHS Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group

Ref 222FOI18.19

Dear Ms Lansley

Thank you for your email received on 25 January 2019 which I am going to process under the Freedom of Information Act 2002.

Our response will cover Greater Huddersfield CCG.

We are looking into your request and will respond to you within the 20 working day deadline.  The response due date for your request is 20 February 2019.

Under the Freedom of Information Act your request may be subject to one or more exemptions which the CCG is entitled to apply in order to refuse your request, either wholly or in part.  In some circumstances, once the information has been identified, the CCG may also levy a fee for processing and delivering the information to you.  In such circumstances we will notify you as soon as possible of exemptions which may apply or any fees to be charged.

Please note that if we are having any difficulties retrieving the information you have requested we will let you know.

If you require any further assistance with handling this request, then please do not hesitate to contact us quoting the Freedom of Information Request Reference shown above, email: [NHS Greater Huddersfield CCG request email]  
Yours faithfully

FOI Team

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foi ghccg, NHS Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group

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Dear Ms Lansley

Further to your request below please find attached the response from Greater Huddersfield CCG.


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