Oulton Golf Course

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Dear Leeds City Council,

Can you tell me if the above golf course was
A)ever a municipal course
B)owned by the council
C)sold, leased or rented out to De Vere, (or anyone else)
D)if 'C', why and for how much

Yours faithfully,


CS Freedom of Information, Leeds City Council

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Dear Steve Bartley

Thank you for your recent FOI request(FOI 4549). Please find attached the Acknowledgement Letter.

Yours sincerely

Derrick Macey Client Feedback Form
General Property Team Leader
Legal, Licensing and Registration Services
Leeds City Council
Telephone: (0113) 395 1271
Fax: (0113) 247 4651
email: [email address]

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Brook, Richard, Leeds City Council

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Dear Mr. Bartley,

Please find attached the response to your Freedom of Information request,
received in this office on 15th September 2010.

Richard Brook,
Administration Assistant,
Level 4,
Leonardo Building,
(0113 24)76761.

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