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Chelsie Purling made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Camden Borough Council

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Dear Camden Borough Council,

Please can you send me a structural chart, and the contact details of those people in the following departments:

- Capital Projects Team
- Housing Repairs & Maintenance Team
- Estates Team

Yours faithfully,

Chelsie Purling

FOI, Camden Borough Council

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FOI, Camden Borough Council

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Dear Ms Purling.


Thank you for your request.  We are dealing with this as a routine request
rather than formally as a Freedom of Information Act request so we can
provide you with a faster and less formal response. 

With regards to staff names and contact details we are withholding this as
we consider section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 applies.
We supply the names and contact details of senior staff in the top four
tiers of the local authority from Heads of Service and up (attached). All
other staff would be classed as relatively junior positions within the
council and they would have no expectation that their details would be
released into the public domain.


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You are of course welcome to call our switchboard on  0207 974 4444 and
ask to be put through to an officer on the structure chart.


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Act.  So if you’re unhappy with this reply for any reason please let us
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Thank you for your interest in Camden council.


Kind regards,



Kieran Heneghan  
Information Rights Officer

London Borough of Camden

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From: Chelsie Purling <[FOI #747128 email]>
Sent: 14 April 2021 16:31
To: FOI <[Camden Borough Council request email]>
Subject: Freedom of Information request - Organisation Chart


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Dear Camden Borough Council,

Please can you send me a structural chart, and the contact details of
those people in the following departments:

- Capital Projects Team
- Housing Repairs & Maintenance Team
- Estates Team

Yours faithfully,

Chelsie Purling


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