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Dear Altrincham Grammar School for Girls,

I am researching the costs associated with safeguarding students in line with the Department for Education's "Keeping Children Safe In Education" guidance and the Home Office's "Prevent" legislation. I hope that you will be able to help by providing the following information:

1. Which web filtering product does the school use? (e.g. Smoothwall Secure Web Gateway, Smoothwall UTM, RM Safetynet, Lightspeed Web Filter, etc.)

2. Is your web filtering system purchased directly by the school or provided by the LEA?

3. Does your web filtering system run on a server on the school's premises, or is it hosted off-site? (In the cloud, at the LEA's data centre, etc.)

4. What is the total duration of your web filtering contract? (e.g. 1 year, 3 years, etc.)

5. What is the total amount paid by the school for the web filtering system over your whole contract period? (i.e. If you had answered question 4 as "3 years" and pay £1000 per year, the answer to this question would be £3000.)

6. Do the costs quoted in question 5, include anything besides web filtering? (e.g. that cost may also include the internet connection itself, or other services, in addition to the actual filtering product.)

7. If your filtering system is hosted on the school's premises, do the costs quoted in question 5 include the hardware that the filtering software runs on? (When an existing filtering contract is renewed, schools can often choose not to replace the existing hardware. In that case, the answer would be "no.")

8. What speed of internet connection does the school have?

9. How many students does the school have?

10. How many staff does the school have?

11. What year did your current filtering contract begin? (this helps me evaluate how the costs have changed over time for long contracts).

Thank you very much for your time.

Yours faithfully,

Electra Morrell

The responses are below:-

1.       Filter product - BLOXX

2.       Filter provider - Provided by LEA

3.       Filter host - Hosted by LEA

4.       Length of contract - Unknown – we pay a subscription, but I’ve
not got the information on the length of the contract

5.       Cost of contract - Unknown – as far as I know this is provided as
part of the LEA network costs

6.       Other costs as part of contract - Unknown – as I cannot answer Q5

7.       Other costs if web filter hosted on-site - N/A

8.       School network speed - 100mbps

9.       No. students - 1,329

10.   No. staff - 142

11.   Year filter contract began - Again, I do not have this information.



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