Number of staff furloughed and costs

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Dear Oxford Direct Services Limited,

1. How many Oxford Direct Services employees have been furloughed each month from March 2020 to the end of March 2021.

2. How much Government furlough money has been received each month and in total?

3. How much was contributed for furlough top ups by Oxford Direct Services each month and in total?

4. How many staff earning in excess of £30K have been furloughed?

5. How many staff earning in excess of £50K have been furloughed?

6. What was the highest annual salary of an ODS employee who was furloughed and for how long were they furloughed?

Yours faithfully,

Pat Mastelotto

Direct Services, Oxford Direct Services Limited

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Direct Services, Oxford Direct Services Limited

Good monring pat,
Thank you for your e mail.
Your e mail has been forwarded onto our Humas Resources department, who will reply within due course..

Lyn Denmark

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Lorraine Cheshire, Oxford Direct Services Limited

Good Afternoon Pat

Thank you for your FOI request below.

Please be aware that all FOI requests for Oxford Direct Services should be sent to [email address] as they co-ordinate all response on behalf of ourselves and Oxford City Council.

I have forwarded your request to them and they will action accordingly.

Kind regards

Lorraine Cheshire | Customer Experience Manager

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